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TPE Yoga Mat

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Eco-friendly TPE Yoga Mat Non-slip 1/4 Inch Thickened

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About this item

  • 1. Environmental protection material: This Mat is made of polymer TPE material, and the edges are resistant to abrasion. Suitable for practicing various forms of yoga and Pilates. both beginners and experienced dancers can use this mat to achieve all exercise goal
  • 2. Anti slip texture: double sticky anti slip texture provides excellent grip without displacement, suit for all kinds of ground, such as wood floor, tile floor and cement floor. Enjoy the joy of yoga and the protection of yoga mats
  • 3. Quick rebound: good resilience, 6mm thickness helps reduce the diaphragm response when the limbs are in contact with the ground and the mat will not be too soft to cause the hands and feet to sink and lose their balance
  • 4. Easy to clean: Waterproof surface. When sweat is dripped, TPE material disperses sweat to a larger surface area of the mat to accelerate evaporation, so as to achieve quick drying to keep dry and comfortable during fitness
  • 5. Easy to carry: 72 inches x 24 inches, easy to carry when rolled up. The attached rope and straps are convenient for moving the yoga mat to the gymnasium, outdoors, or wherever you train

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