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Shaker Bottle (Recharable)

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Ditch your old shaker bottle and upgrade to this electric blender bottle for better taste and mix to get the better absorption than the traditional way. Trishool portable Rechargeable Shaker Bottle Includes USB Charger Cable - 450 ML

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About this item

  • The bottle lid is made from food class PP AS silica gel; the bottle body is made from food class AS PP 304 stainless steel; its bottom is adopted by food class PP, anode and cathode electrodes 304 stainless steel, its liner is the cutting magnet; the stirring ball is made from food class TRIAN PP reinforced water-proof material; it has a built-in reinforced water-proof sealing vibration motor.
  • The charging base is made by food class PP anode and cathode electrodes 304 stainless steel with the cutting magnets are inside; built-in lithium-ion soft packing battery, 304 stainless steel ring, the button is made by silica gel;
  • Volume: 450ML/16OZ, dimension: height:22cm, calibre: 8.1cm, bottom diameter:5cm, battery capacity: lithium battery 550MAH, rotary speed of the motor: 7500RPM (±5 %); power supply: USB 5V, maximum power: 120W
  • Daily nutrition meal, nutrition drink, as well as simple bartending can be available! You can make a bottle of nutrition drink for yourself after the exercise
  • The stirring ball can be removed and cleaned, keep your kettle clean and healthy!

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